A (different) sequence from "The Mentalist" - with transcript

(sirens wailing)

(indistinct chatter over police radio)

(indistinct conversations)

(Patrick) What's going on?

- Looks like two bullets to the chest for each of them. Freshness of the wounds suggest it happened in the last few hours. Selby and Jana Vickers,33 and 31 years old, from here in Rancho Rosa. Sheriff I.D.'d them from their driver's licenses.

- Who found the bodies?

- Couple of teenagers. This place is a local lover's lane. Apparently, thieves know that, too. Sheriff thinks that it's a robbery gone sour.

- Little old to be necking, aren't they?

- There's an age limit on that?

- Plus their clothes aren't, you know, disheveled.

- Good point. Oh, there's a little white thing there, sticking out from Jana's dress. Could you ju-- yeah that's it.

- $800 dress.

- Aha!

- Is that a useful "aha" or an irritating "aha"?

- The borrowed dress tells us they were going somewhere fancy and wanted to make an impression. Not usually something they'd go for, or they'd have a later model car. He needed a few pulls on the scotch just to take the edge off because he was nervous about who was gonna be there, which in a small town like this, likely means relatives or people from his past.

- Uh, wedding, maybe? Or birthday party?

- No gift, which leaves...

- No guessing games.

- Ay... Uh, excuse me, sheriff? What's the name of the local high school?

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