A sequence from "The Mentalist" - with transcript

A sequence from "The Mentalist", Season 1, Ep. 22

Blame on CBS for putting ads on EVERY single view (unless you pause it just in time)... still, the ads themselves are in English - And they're from Canada, which is nice!


- Yep, you can take him. We've got the basic facts.

- Oh, is that right? That quick, huh?  

- Uh, yeah.

- You want to enlighten us?

- Oh, forensics probably told you a lot of it already, I would guess. Uh, his knuckles and his knees suggest that he was overpowered in a hand-to-hand struggle. The blow to the head was the coup de grâce. But the ground around him is relatively undisturbed, which means that the struggle would have taken place elsewhere... uphill, presumably. Injured animals tend to move downhill, of course.

- Do you have any actual facts?

- Well, it's an actual fact that you dislike Mr. Maclean here because he's a tree-hugging, liberal wacko. He's probably running some kind of a cult, and he dislikes you because you're a small-minded, provincial hayseed... not that you are, necessarily. That's just what he thinks. 

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